Beneficial Use Activities
Construction of Catalyst Recycling Plant– Baton Rouge, LA

Recycling and Remediation Technologies, Inc. (RRT) is an environmental technology company with the ability to design, fabricate and finally operate. The RRT team has successfully designed constructed and employed a wide variety of remedial technologies worldwide. Technologies are site-specific designs custom made per the clients needs. As a result of designing and constructing equipment for several complex remediation and recycling projects throughout the world, RRT has developed unparalleled expertise.

RRT management cut their teeth working emergency response and superfund sites throughout the United States. The management team then moved on to international environmental projects. They have successfully completed projects in 29 countries and through the unique nature of each project have gained invaluable knowledge.

Each project also was rewarded with relationships with strategic partners that RRT continues to utilize on a go forward basis. On projects that are normal in kind, RRT has immediate access to many technologies around the world that are commonly utilized. Often; technology companies will not send their equipment to unfamiliar companies or locations. RRT can negotiate with the owners to release equipment to unknown customers or locations.