Choosing Technology

If you choose the wrong cleanup technology or begin with an incorrect methodology there is a high probability the project will fail. RRT takes a client through a series of checklists to determine the best methodology and technology for each site.

At RRT, we are technology “agnostic.”  That is, our only goal is to perform a successful cleanup.  We have no pre-established preference for any particular technology over any other, even technology that we have designed or enhanced.  For each job, we select the best technology and our payment is always based upon success.

We employ only proven technologies, many that have operated successfully for over 20 years. We have employed these technologies in prior cleanups and often we have helped design modifications or improvements to address project demands. In some cases, these recommended technology will include proprietary rights of our management team.  In other cases, we may recommend a technology that RRT has licensed.  Always the primary objective is to choose the most cost-effective and efficient technology to meets the client’s need.