ETC Recycling or Remediation

ETC Recycling RemediationThe ETC Technology utilizes thermal conduction to heat the stationary contaminated soil. Once the soil
temperatures rise, vaporization of the contaminants occurs. The contaminated vapors are drawn into a thermal oxidizer and destroyed. This design allows for much lower operating costs through higher thermal efficiency compared to other thermal technologies, which “tumble” the soil.

The ETC Technology has been deployed to successfully remediate hundreds of thousands of tons of hydrocarbon-impacted soils since the mid-1990’s and many of these projects have been remote in nature. This technology has been utilized for clients such as Chevron Canada, Progress Energy Canada, The U.S. Navy, DOD, DOE, DOT, DOC (Department of Corrections), NOAA, and Thiess Services in Australia.

  • Multiple off gas designs
  • Can capture principal hazardous constituents
  • Capable of treating extremely wet materials
  • Capable of treating highly contaminated materials
  • Minimal manpower requirement
  • Flexible temperature controls

We have an exclusive license to use in certain countries the proprietary ETC Technology developed and used by Iron Creek Group, LLC.