Feedstock Preparation

  • Remediation and Recycling Technologies Feedstock PreparationA remedial or recycling facility or environmental technology is only as good as its ability to treat the contaminated material being processed.  We are successful because we have treated a broad spectrum of types and levels of  waste materials and contaminants.
  • It is impossible for a waste generator or client to supply all the correct information required guaranteeing a successful project.  Some information must be learned during the remediation process and adjustments made to the technology or process. Our experience allows us to do automatically.
  • The key items when looking at feedstock include the soil matrix, the levels of contamination and the moisture content of material. If recycling of hydrocarbons is taking place, knowledge of the carbon chain and calorific value is also essential to determine the process.
  • Large projects could expend substantial funding on sampling and analysis trying to obtain even 25% accuracy.  Therefore we often choose technology or adopt a process that allows us to undertake projects that involve levels of contaminants or differing contaminants.
  • Through historical data we can determine what contaminants and levels we are facing on a project.  The remainder of the data we obtain through visual systematic excavations, field-testing kits and material mixing stations.