Key Acoustic Advantages

Competitive Advantage

  • Lower cost and less labor intensive compared with other methods

    Acoustic Project - Russia
    Acoustic Project – Russia
  • Higher production results per well
  • Long lasting effects
  • Higher revenues
  • Flexibility, mobility, offshore and onshore capabilities, fine tuning of technologies
  • In most cases no need for chemicals
  • Possible to stimulate at sub molecular level
  • Easy to combine with other methods
  • Long lasting effects (3 months to 2 years)
  • Only a short down time for the wells (0-3 hours)

Cleaning Advantage

Increasing or regeneration fluid conductivity of collector and seam bottom-hole zone can be reached by cleaning (de-mudding) pored and perforation canals from contamination and highly ductile deposit.

Seismological Advantage

Seism electrical effect assists destruction of immobile liquid layers that represented by oil and have electrostatic nature that’s why their destruction and involving to filtration process increases collector conductivity and coefficient of oil extraction.

Exposed Tension 

Overcoming of exposed tension power and decrease of contact angle between water and oil leads to increasing of coefficient water drive of oil