Infrared Remediation Projects - Sydney Australia-01

Preferred Science & Design

The majority of the technologies promoted by RRT volatilize contaminants inherent in different waste streams. The waste stream will normally contain some form of solid matter combined with water and either a hydrocarbon and or chlorinated compound. While we do not reject outright any technology, the technologies we have been successful with are operator-controlled time, temperature and turbidity based technologies.

RRT not only plays a key role in the selection of environmental technology we also take a key role in the design and fabrication of the environmental equipment. We do not own fabrication shops. However, we do have relationships with the best fabricators in the country. We have exclusive relationships with three fabricators and have worked with the three other shops over 20 years. RRT management has participated in one form or another on a large percentage of thermal remediation projects performed over the past 25 years. We may not be the engineers on the project but it is likely that our personnel were part of the day-to-day operations. We have learned from hard experience and know how to avoid the common mistakes made by many others.

Because we do not have any commission or other economic interest in the selection of a technology, we give our client an honest look at the equipment for each project. Once a technology is chosen we make sure the price is competitive and the timeline is acceptable.

We often have skin in the game by investing in the technology or the project. By doing this we create a team situation with all players reaching the same goal.