Turnkey Solutions

Remediation and Recycling Technologies Turn Key Solutions

Because our team has successfully completed many remediation projects, treating a large variety materials and contaminants, we are uniquely positions to provide complete remediation solutions to our clients.  Unlike consultants or advisers, we actually obtain or build the treatment facility or equipment, mobilize experienced operators and perform the remediation services.  Our personnel have designed, built and operated virtually every form of remediation technology.  As a result, we can assist clients from the very beginning of a project to the end — from analyzing the material to be treated to providing regulatory closing reports.

Our turnkey operational checklist includes:

  • Consult on swiftest and most economical way to complete the cleanup. This service is usually free in order to save clients monies for actual remediation.
  • Regulatory agency support and presentations.
  • Assist when possible in community affairs.
  • Assist in evaluation of technology to utilize on project.
  • Design, manufacture and construct technology. In most cases technology will not be available as an off-the-shelf item. Modify as needed for the job.
  • Manage or partner with local companies as needed to perform in project cleanup.
  • Prepare the final closeout reports.