Ultrasonic Vibrations & Field Effects

  • Venezuela Acoustic ProjectField effects become statistically relevant when maximum number of wells is treated.
  • Reactions of neighbor wells are more than likely on acoustic stimulation. (Effects up to 200m and more have been measured).
  • Therefore it is time to enhance individual wells with stimulation on a next higher level to a systemic stimulation of wells.

Three Cases for Ultrasonic Vibrations

  • Stimulating: new wells and for wells whose production rate has considerably decreased compared to the beginning.
  • Compensative: for wells that are meeting average production rates below their capability (preventive, anticipatory).
  • For wells that are out of service or producing well below production.

Borehole Effects

  • Removes wax and asphalt depositsBorehole Effects
  • Destroy salt formation in the capillaries
  • Reduce surface tension in the capillaries
  • Destroy colloid formations
  • Clear the capillaries of the close zones to the layer
  • Decontaminate
  • Works by organic imbrication
  • Works by inorganic imbrication
  • Unclog injected particles
  • Crack up particle bridge structure
  • Dilution of scale in low acid (acceleration of chemical processes using ultrasound)